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A forefront company


In 2018, Marcon completes 30 years of leading edge in the metallurgical segment, being recognized as the Brazilian manufacturer with the largest portfolio of products, assisting thousands of professionals in their work environments. Its productive cycle is carried out within the most modern industrial park of Latin America with a structure that adds 65.000m² of area and 33.000m² of built area, divided into 3 factories, equipped with the latest generation machinery.

There are over 400 employees and a portfolio of approximately 1.300 products, divided into 5 lines: 'Mecânica', 'Movimento', 'Hidráulica', 'Construção' and 'Prátika', which offer solutions designed for organization, maintenance, production and intralogistics for various market segments such as industries, automotive centers, logistics operators, construction sites and many others.

The annual production volume exceeds one million items

Marcon products are distributed by about 5.000 points of sale throughout the national territory, countries of Latin America and the Middle East. Wide and modern structure, with a complete portfolio to meet the diverse needs of the work environments of the final consumer.

Marcon, supplying needs and making your job easier.


Increase the productiveness with technology through our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation of our products and services.



Ensure more and more the satisfaction of our partners and customers, esteeming the life quality of our collaborators. 

Values ​​(Organizational Culture)
Humility, professionalism, training, innovation, discipline and professional friendship. 




International Certification

of Commercial Credibility

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